Restaurant Outdoor Furniture

Create a terrace of European inspiration.

Any Restaurant or Terrace project ?

In the current context, the desire to stay outside animates the terraces. De Gaspé helps you in all your commercial projects. Restaurants and other meeting places, we are here to offer you the best outdoor commercial furniture. Pedrali products, made in Italy, land of the "Dolce Vita are the ideal solution to comfortably enjoy the well-being of being outside under the sign of color, style and elegance at attractive prices.

Restaurants and Terraces projects

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  1. Lampe Giravolta 1799 - Small
    Lampe Giravolta 1799 - Small
  2. Nolita 3659 Lounge Chair
    Nolita 3659 Lounge Chair
  3. Nolita 5453 H480 Coffee Table
    Nolita 5453 H480 Coffee Table
  4. Nolita 5454 Table
    Nolita 5454 Table
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