Shipping and Delivery

Once your order is ready, we will contact you to let you know the good news!
If you've chosen the delivery, we will take an appointment with you. Here are some useful informations about the delivery.

Delivery Methods

    Delivery : In-Room with assembly

    When your address is within our delivery zone, your order will be directly delivered by our team. The default delivery is "white glove" meaning our delivery team will bring the furniture to the room of your choice, unpack it and leave with the packaging, if necessary. If assembly is required, they will take care of it. In short, we take care of everything while you relax.
    Note that only assembly of the furniture is included. We will not do any installation implying screwing in the walls or anything of that kind.
    Deliveries are made during business hours within a 4-hours time frame, either morning or afternoon.

    Shipping : Curbside by Partner

    When we can not deliver to your postal code ourself, we will ship your order with one of our transport partner or try to find a transporter that serves your address.
    Shipping is curbside meaning the transporter will come as close as possible to your address and leave the package on the curbside. From there, it's your responsibility to transport the shipment to its final destination as well as the assembly, if necessary.
    In some rare cases, it might not be possible and we will have to refund the shipping if you want to take care of shipping or the order if not.

    Pick-up at our workshop

    We also offer the option to come pick up your furniture at our workshop (1415 Mazurette in Montreal) during our business hours.
    Depending on the furniture, you might have to take care of the final assembly. We will provide all the hardware necessary (excepting the tools) and will explain you how to proceed. It usually implies a bit of screwing. Since assembling guides are not available for all our models, If you have any question about the assembling, let us know and we will be happy to assist you. :)
    In order to minimize the use of one-time packaging, we strongly encourage to bring some blankets. If that's not possible, let us know and we will package your furniture minimally.

Delivery price

The price given for delivery/shipping at purchase only applies to the purchase of new furniture. For all other deliveries/shipping (30-day warranty, refurbishment, service call, clearance furniture or others), delivery prices are generally higher.
If the only delivery option available is "Pickup at our workshop", that means your postal code is not in our regular delivery zone. In that case, please contact us to obtain a delivery quote before placing your order.

Other informations

- We kindly ask you to inspect your order upon delivery and notify us with pictures by email at [email protected] if there's anything. We will then evaluate if it falls under our regular warranty or our 30-day Guarantee Policy. We understand you can miss something at first, so we offer a 48h-period after the delivery to notify us. After that delay, we will automatically consider any defect is out of our responsibility.
For items that are picked up, please inspect at pick-up since the 48h-period will not apply once you leave our facility.

- If only the "Pick-up at workshop" option is available for your postal code, that means either we're not delivering to your postal code or it's on a quote-only basis. In that case, please contact us to get a quote BEFORE ordering on the website.

DE GASPÉ delivery service requirements To ensure good delivery of your furniture, customers are asked to make a few checks :

    - The customer must be on site (delivery personnel will wait a maximum of 10 minutes).
    - The truck must be able to drive safely within a reasonable distance of the building's front door (about 30 meters). Unplowed and unsalted sloping roads are impossible to access with our types of trucks.
    - The furniture, at its largest dimension, must be able to pass with 24 inches of extra space (12 inches on each side for delivery personnel) through stairwells and all corners of the house to its final location.
If, upon arrival on site, our delivery personnel realize that one (or more) of these requirements has not been met, the customer has the following options:
    1- The customer asks the delivery personnel to try to deliver the furniture anyway, but the risk of breakage (both to the furniture and to the customer's property) is the customer's responsibility (the delivery personnel are also within their rights not to accept delivery if they deem it unsafe).
    2- The delivery personnel take the furniture as far as possible, and the rest is the customer's responsibility.
    3- Delivery personnel bring the furniture back to DE GASPÉ (delivery charges will still be billed, assembly charges credited where applicable).
    4- Delivery personnel leave the furniture at the foot of the truck, and assembly costs will be credited where applicable.
If you have any questions for follow-up of orders or deliveries, please contact Milan at [email protected] or by calling the extension 102. For quotes on deliveries, please contact [email protected].