“"The idea at DE GASPÉ is to create simple, useful, and sturdy furniture that can accompany and withstand all the ups and downs of life as it truly is in our homes.”
Isabelle, designer

Our solid wood furniture combines aesthetics and robustness to accompany you in your everyday life. Daily life is life, and that's where we want to be with you. The goal is to make reliable and useful furniture.

“Solid wood has always been our material of choice because the idea of being able to repair and refurbish supports our commitment to crafting furniture that lasts a lifetime.”
Benoit, partner and technical director

When we design our products, we always strive to make them the best they can be, within reasonable limits. Whether it's the materials, hardware, or finishing products, what we aim for is that our product has the longest possible lifespan.

“Many people have come before us, and many will come after. It is important for us to leave things clean and healthy for those who follow.”
Nicolas, CEO

LWood is a renewable resource. However, it is essential to ensure that it renews adequately. To achieve this, we have established a partnership with Veritree, a proudly Canadian company, to plant trees and provide us with data on their work.

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