"When we started the business in 2013, it didn't even arise as to whether we were going to make our products ourselves. Products couldn't really be "ours" if we didn't make them. So we started by buying a few pieces of machinery, table saw, planer, routers, etc. And over the years, we have therefore become real manufacturers."

Manufacturing, the heart of our business.

Although to run our business well we have to work on several other aspects of the business (marketing, human resources, accounting, etc.), manufacturing is still the heart of the business. It is the product development, design and engineering of the production line that we are most passionate about.

Come take a tour and there is a good chance that the founders are in the workshop to discuss the improvement of a product!

“Follow your passion and success will follow you.” ― Arthur Buddhold

Our products = Who we are

Through our designs, through the choice of materials, through the level of quality we choose to offer, through all the decisions we make during product development, we define our identity. Both our identity and our collective identity. A bit like the notion of terroir in food, the products that are developed and manufactured here are part of our collective identity. Companies like Kanuk, which manufacture here and sell their coats internationally, contribute to Quebec's reputation as much as Oliver Jones or Charlotte Cardin.

Here at DE GASPÉ, we are proud to contribute to the "made here" movement!

“We are our choices.” ― Jean-Paul Sartre

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