Exchanges and returns

Our 30-day Guarantee Policy ensures your complete satisfaction. If you receive your order and are not completely satisfied with it, we will take back the furniture and will refund you 100%.
Note, however, that the transportation to return or exchange will be the responsibility of the customer. If we take care of collecting the furniture, transport costs will be deducted from the amount to be reimbursed. Transport costs vary depending on where you live and are different from delivery prices when purchasing new furniture.
Here are some examples of delivery prices for the main regions where we deliver: Greater Montreal = $199; Region less than 50km from our workshop: $249; Quebec - Ottawa - Toronto - Bromont/Sherbrooke/Drummondville/Trois-Rivières region = $299; Other = price on request.

We will only accept returns of items in as-new condition. Pieces of furniture with scratches, stains, or any other damages cannot be returned. Upon delivery of the returned items at our workshop, we will inspect them within 72 hours to make sure their condition satisfies with our standards, we will then issue the refund.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority, however the application of this guarantee is at our discretion. For instance, we keep the right to refuse the return of commercial orders or orders with a large number of items. Please, if you have any questions about this guarantee, let us know.

*At the condition that the address was included in the list accepted on the website at the moment of the order.


As all our furniture is designed and manufactured with high quality standards in mind, we offer you a 10-year warranty on all manufacturing defects that may occur over the years.

By defects we mean the following situations (but not limited to):
- Collage coming off
- Peeling paint
- Rusting steel
- Drawer or door that opens/closes badly
- Wooden tray that seeks to round off to significant extent.

Our guarantee also does not cover features that comes from the nature of solid wood, as well as the effects due to the normal use of a piece of furniture. Some cases not covered by our guarantee:
- Any marks which are part of the character of solid wood and which we cannot remove with standard sanding.
- Scratches and bumps.
- Knots: less than 2 cm, the equivalent of a 5 cent, always filled with wood filler.
- Micro-cracks: less than 1/16 inch or 1,5mm wide (about 2 credit cards') and which does not present a risk for the solidity/durability of the furniture. If a crack is not visible (underneath or inside the furniture) or visible and filled with pore filler, it is because we have considered that it meets our quality standards.
- Non-visible parts: No aesthetic consideration, only consideration for the durability or solidity of the furniture. For example, we are talking here about the underside or back of furniture, interior of cabinets, for beds : back of headboard or part not visible once the mattress is in place, etc. If you are unsure, feel free to email us photos at [email protected].
- Damage and tasks due to liquids.
- Color changes or shade.
- Too bad due to abusive use.
- Damage due to the use of cleaning products (see our maintenance advice).
- Damage due in contact with a heat source (cauldrons, candle, or others).
- Changes due to external factors such as an inadequate temperature or rate of humidity.
- Presence of sapwood (young part of the tree, often in a different color from the rest of the board) in a panel. It can take on a pinkish tint with Birch and rather pale with Oak and Walnut which can clash with the rest. We consider the following percentages of sapwood on a tray to be acceptable: Birch/Oak: 20% and Walnut: 30%.

- Panel with plates that do not have the same aspect: we make our maximum to make our platforms the most uniform as far as possible, but we cannot guarantee this.

This list gives an idea of what is not covered, but is not exhaustive. We process warranty requests on a case -by -case basis and we keep the right to refuse a case that is not mentioned in this list.

Our 30-day warranty and our regular warranty do not apply on custom made furniture, "Refurbished" and "Perfectly Imperfect" items. For more information, please check the following section.

If you have any warranty request, please contact Robin at [email protected] with pictures, if possible.

Seconde Vie tems"Refurbished" and "Perfectly Imperfect" items

The products sold in the Second Life section do not follow the terms & conditions of the rest of the products on the site. There are two kinds of products in this section : "Refurbished" products (it will be mentionned in the description) and "Perfectly Imperfect" (all the others).

- Products listed in the section Second Life are final sale: no exchange, return or refund is possible.
- "Refurbished" products are guaranteed for a period of one (1) year.
- Products in "Perfectly Imperfect" are sold as is. The products in this section are demos, returns, prototypes or otherwise. They may have defects, damage or other. All these particularities are not necessarily visible on the photos and the final appearance of the furniture may differ from the photos.
- "Refurbished" and "Perfectly Imperfect" products are not subject to the regular warranties offered by De Gaspé.

When you buy "Refurbished" and "Perfectly Imperfect" furniture, you agree to all of these conditions.

The products sold on clearance do not follow the same terms and conditions as the regular items.

- All clearance products are Finale sale. This means no exchanges, no returns nor refunds.
- All clearance products are sold "as is". These products are demos, returns, prototype or others. That means they can have defaults, damages or others. All of those irregularities are not necessarily displayed in the pictures and the final aspect of the furniture might differ from the pictures.
- The clearance items are not eligible for any warranty.

If you purchase an item from the clearance page, you agree to these conditions.