Our Commitment

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Our Commitment

Respect for the environment is a value that is at the heart of our company. Having a positive impact on the planet is one of the reasons that pushed us into business.

Thanks to our partnership with veritree, we are committed to being a carbon neutral company.

To reach this goal, we take steps, sometime big, sometimes small, but each one bringing us closer to that goal. The main decision was to plant trees for the equivalent of 1% of each piece of furniture sold on our website.
Thanks to that 1%, we are close to almost 200 000 trees planted so far and counting! But what does that mean? Let's put that in perspective :

A tree absorbs about 25kg of CO2 per year. Considering that, on average, a Canadian produces about 15,000kg of CO2 per year, then
200 000 trees = annual emissions of 333 Canadians.
But not for 1 year, for the whole life of the tree, so at least fo the next 50 years.

That makes us proud and eager to keep pushing!

Why Veritree?

When we made the decision to plant trees, we asked ourselves many questions; most importantly, who will help us plant them and where?

Our partner, veritree, works with planting organizations across the globe to verify their tree planting projects in locations like Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Canada, the United States, and more.

The veritree platform was built to be easily used by any tree planting organization. With veritree’s ground-level monitoring tools, any planting organization, in any location, can scale nature-based solutions, track and quantify impact data, and allocate their trees to corporate partners and donors in a transparent manner.

We're proud to be part of the veritree community that believes in creating transformative change for

Shaping a better future for all life on earth.

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