Colbert Dining Table

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April 23 and May 13

The Colbert table represents a creative variation of our Cournot table. By retaining the basic structure, we added half circles to the ends of the tabletop. This pleasing shape departs from the seriousness of traditional modern shapes and imparts a playful and fun look.

This table stands at the intersection between mid-century style and contemporary modern furniture. Crafted from solid wood, it is available in walnut, white oak, or yellow birch, offering authentic and elegant customization.

Choose the Colbert table for a refreshing and convivial dining experience. Its playful design adds comfort and a sense of naturalness to your dining room. Opt for the superior quality of solid wood and the originality of the design, both crafted in Canada, for a centerpiece that exudes pleasure and modern style.

To find the size of bench that fits with your Colbert table, the rule is to substract 6" of the table to get the bench dimension. Exception made for the 108" table where we suggest two 48" benches.

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In addition to buying quality furniture that will accompany you for several years, you plant 100 trees per piece of furniture purchased. This is more than enough to offset the furniture's environmental footprint.

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Made in Canada

All DE GASPÉ products are made in our workshop in Montreal, with local wood species and local suppliers whenever possible. Sourcing here is sourcing at home.

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30 Days / 10 Years Warranty

In addition to our 30-day satisfaction guarantee, all our products are guaranteed for 10 years, assuring a peace of mind. If a problem arises, call us and a technician will be there to help you.

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As the finishing products we use are among the best in the world, no special maintenance is necessary for your furniture. Simply clean it with water and mild soap and avoid the use of harmful products such as ammonia.

During the first months, the wood naturally changes color. We therefore recommend either leaving the surfaces free or moving static objects from time to time so that the color change, however minor, is as uniform as possible.

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  • Country of Manufacture
  • Manufacturer
  • Designer
  • Main Material
    Solid Wood
  • Origin of Wood
    Canada or Northeastern United States
  • Finishing
    Matt Water-based Lacquer (10% gloss)
  • Assembly required
    About 15 minutes