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Outdoor Furniture by Pedrali

Your Outdoor Deserves Style!

Pedrali’s outdoor furniture is designed to ensure your comfort. Whether it’s for a moment on a patio or in the yard; whether it’s at home, in a restaurant, or even in a public space, you’ll feel good.

The models are light, easy to handle, and most of the chairs are stackable. The materials used make them resistant to sun damage and preserve their beauty and quality over time.

Summer season at its finest!

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  1. Lamp - Giravolta 1799 - Tall
    Lamp - Giravolta 1799 - Tall
  2. Lamp - Giravolta 1799 - Medium
    Lamp - Giravolta 1799 - Medium
  3. Lamp - Giravolta 1799 - Small
    Lamp - Giravolta 1799 - Small
  4. Kado Pot
    Kado Pot
  5. Kado Pot
    Kado Pot

5 Items

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