Nolita 3656 Chair

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September 11 and October 1

Nolita is a collection of products specially designed for the outdoors. Manufactured with a precise and sophisticated steel assembly technique, all of these models of chairs and tables are light, both visually and physically.

Each of the pieces can therefore elevate your outdoor space, whatever it is, while remaining discreet to the eye and easily stackable and mobile.

The colors available are also designed to fit both in a neutral environment or in an environment that would like to be festive and summery. "The Volt family of chairs and stools, designed for both indoor and outdoor use, is both elegant and casual. Manufactured using a state-of-the-art polypropylene (reinforced with fibreglass) injection process, the Volt is one of Pedrali's classics.

You may be discovering them only today, but they been long well known by architects and people in the industry. Keep a close eye, no matter where you are in the world, and you might just spot some!

The Volt family, both classic and original.

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Steel & Aluminum

Clean using a microfibre cloth soaked with mild soap, degreaser, alcohol or ammonia. In the case of painted products, avoid granular detergents and solvents in general. Rinse with water. Always dry after cleaning.

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