Moss Flip-top Table - 40" X 96"(h)

Shipped between
September 18 and October 8

This our Moss fliptop tables: an ingenious concept to allow you to easily rearrange your space or free it up by rotating the top vertically.

The "flip-top" system is activated manually under the table. Centered along the length of the table, the single handle allows one person to activate both mechanisms simultaneously and tilt the table up or down.

Offer your employees fun and collaborative office sets and come and discover our models available in rectangular and rounded format perfect for corners or circular tables.
Create, put away and start again


As the finishing products we use are among the best in the world, no special maintenance is necessary for your furniture. Simply clean it with water and mild soap and avoid the use of harmful products such as ammonia.

During the first months, the wood naturally changes color. We therefore recommend either leaving the surfaces free or moving static objects from time to time so that the color change, however minor, is as uniform as possible.

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  • Country of Manufacture
  • Manufacturer
  • Designer
  • Main Material
    Solid Wood
  • Origin of Wood
    Canada or Northeastern United States
  • Other Material
  • Origin of Steel
  • Finishing
    Matt Water-based Lacquer (10% gloss)
  • Assembly required