Guests and Cafeteria chairs

Whether for the reception area, the cafeteria or the staff room, you will certainly find the model you need among our selection of versatile and comfortable chairs!

Chairs recognized worldwide that you could see as much in the offices of large companies around the world as at the new restaurant on the corner or at the airport during your next trip. They are made in Italy by the company Pedrali which cumulates more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture of chairs.

We'll confess that we have a big crush for their products as well as their values, so maybe you should come to our showroom to try them rather than rely on our opinion! :)

Guest and Cafeteria chairs

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  1. Nemea 2821
    Nemea 2821
  2. Nemea 2820
    Nemea 2820
  3. Senator - Circo CR2
    Senator - Circo CR2
  4. Pedrali - Tweet 891
    Pedrali - Tweet 891
  5. Babila 2775
    Babila 2775

5 Items

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