Aoki Counter - 48" X 36"(h)Counter Table

Shipped between
February 26 and March 17

The Aoki counter table is ideal for creating formal or informal collaborative workspaces. Building on the success of the Aoki dining table, we have adapted this design into a counter-height work table.

Available in 2 surface dimensions and 2 heights (counter and bar), i.e. 4 dimensions in total. It fits with seats such as stools or counter chairs. It's always fun to take a little height!

Discover the Aoki collection which also exists in simple, executive, L-shaped desks and work islands.

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We adapt to your project

The advantage of being a manufacturer is that you don't depend on anyone. We can therefore very well adapt to your project, your materials and your dimensions if necessary.

10 Years Warranty

With our 10 year warranty on all our products, you and your customers have peace of mind. A simple phone call and we will be there to help you!

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Local Manufacturing

All DE GASPÉ products are made in our workshop in Montreal, with local wood species and local suppliers whenever possible. Sourcing here is sourcing at home.

Made For You By Us

We're not just a brand of furniture, we're a trade of all jacks, we design, we manufacture and we advise you in your purchase as the solid wood furniture experts we've become. DE GASPÉ was started with the love of manufacturing and designing furniture, and yes, with a little entrepreneurial kick too.

Each piece of furniture has been through the hand of a whole team from design to manufacturing to delivery. Your furniture has been through the hands of our team of dedicated furniture makers. From the choice of the wood, to the cabinet making, to the welding and finishing.

Getting a piece of furniture DE GASPÉ means you're buying directly from the manufacturer, skipping on the middlemen and getting the best value for the furniture you're going to keep for decades to come.

Our Design Team

Each piece of DE GASPÉ furniture, unless otherwise specified, is thought out and designed in-house. It is the result of teamwork. The basic idea can come from one person and then we refine the design and the methods all together.

Everyone is involved in their own way. Olivier, the main designer, is responsible for all modeling. Benoit and Nicolas participate mainly in terms of references, ideation and manufacturing methods while Isabelle takes care of the technical aspect (AKA plans, drawings of manufactured parts, etc.).

Being in control of our product development as well as manufacturing means that we know our products inside and out. We also offer after-sales service, a 10-year warranty, and individually tailored maintenance advice so your furniture continues to withstand the test of time.


As the finishing products we use are among the best in the world, no special maintenance is necessary for your furniture. Simply clean it with water and mild soap and avoid the use of harmful products such as ammonia.

During the first months, the wood naturally changes color. We therefore recommend either leaving the surfaces free or moving static objects from time to time so that the color change, however minor, is as uniform as possible.

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  • Country of Manufacture
  • Manufacturer
  • Designer
  • Main Material
    Solid Wood
  • Origin of Wood
    Canada or Northeastern United States
  • Other Material
  • Origin of Steel
  • Finishing
    Matt Water-based Lacquer (10% gloss)
  • Assembly required
    About 15 minutes